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Cryptotanshinone P.E.

Cryptotanshinone P.E.

Extract Name: Cryptotanshinone P.E.

Abbr. Name: Cryptotanshinone Extract

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Cryptotanshinone P.E. Detail:

Detailed Product Description Cryptotanshinone has remarkable properties in antiseptic, dephlogistication, protecting
the liver, antitumor and sedating nervous system. It has a telling effect on curing
acne. It can be applied to health food, medicine and cosmetics. Specifications: 1) Content of cryptotanshinone (by HPLC*): 48% - 55% 2) Appearance: crystalline powder 3) Color: salmon red or scarlet 4) Sulphate ash: <1% 5) Heavy metals:20ppm 6) Pesticides: negative 7) Particle size: 60 mesh 8) Moisture: 5% 9) Total plate count: 1,000cfu/g 10) Yeast and mold:100cfu/g 11) Salmonella: negative 12) E. coli: negative

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