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Levodopa extract

Levodopa extract

Extract Name: Levodopa extract

Abbr. Name: Levodopa P.E.

Extract Category: Herbal Extract

Extract Class: Herbal Extracts

Levodopa extract Detail:

Detailed Product Description Features: 1) Other name: L-Dopa 2) Chemical name: L-Tyrosine, 3-hydroxy-Molec 3) Plant source: vicia faba leaf, Mucuna cochin - chinensis (Lour) A. Cheval. seed
4) Description: the gold standard of present therapy is the drug levodopa (also
called L-dopa). L-Dopa (from the full name L-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) is
neutral amino acid found naturally in plants and animals. After oral ingestion,
it is
absorbed in the small intestine. Absorption can be delayed by meals and increased gastric acidity. Absorbed levodopa is not bound to plasma protein.

Nerve cells can use levodopa to make dopamine and replenish the brain's dwindling supply. Dopamine cannot be given directly because it doesn't cross
blood-brain barrier, the elaborate meshwork of fine blood vessels and cells that

filters blood reaching the brain. Levodopa crosses the blood-brain barrier by
of the large neutral amino acid carrier transport system. 5) Function: a) Used to treat the stiffness, tremors, spasms, and poor muscle control of Parkinson's disease b) Used to treat the same muscular conditions, when they are caused by drugs
such as chlorpromazine (thorazine), fluphenazine (Prolixin), perphenazine

(trilafon), and other related drugs Outer packing: 25kg/drum

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