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Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder

Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder

Extract Name: Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder

Abbr. Name: Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder

Extract Category: Nutrition Additive

Extract Class: Food Additives

Deer Blood Freeze-dried Powder Detail:

[Product Name] Deer Blood Freeze-dried Power

[Origin] Use antler blood of Xinjiang Tian Mountain and Tarim Basin Red Dear as the main ingredient.

[Procedure] Gather the fresh pilose antler blood of the healthy red deeer, extracted by advanced "low temperature powder technology" , " Vacuum freeze-drying technology" and "Supercritical CO2 extraction biotechnology". The Deer Blood Freeze-dried Power fully keeps hundreds of bioactive substances, pharmaceutical function, and nutrition ingredients, which are 50% more than tradictional Deer Blood Powder. Adopting the advanced biotechnology, Deer Blood Freeze-dried powder saves more nutritional integridents and much more effective in function.

[Pharmacology Function] Antler Blood of Red Deer is effective in anti-aging, strengthen human immunie system, benefit blood and brain, supplement energy and dispel fatigue.

[Application Area] Deer Blood Freeze-dried Power has been widely used in Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Functional food industries.

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